A painting of Noah cursing Ham by Iwan Stiepanowicz Ksienofontow.

Noah’s Sons

Genesis 9:18-28 (WEB)

Highlights From This Passage

  • After the flood, Noah becomes a farmer.
  • Noah plants a vineyard. He drinks wine and becomes drunk.
  • Just as Adam sinned after God created the world, Noah sins after God recreates the world. Humankind must look to God himself, and not to Noah for salvation.
  • Noah curses Ham’s descendants because Ham dishonored him.


The sons of Noah who went out from the ship were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham is the father of Canaan. These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the whole earth was populated.

Noah began to be a farmer, and planted a vineyard. He drank of the wine and got drunk. He was uncovered within his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside. Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it on both their shoulders, went in backwards, and covered the nakedness of their father. Their faces were backwards, and they didn’t see their father’s nakedness. Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his youngest son had done to him. He said,

“Canaan is cursed.
    He will be a servant of servants to his brothers.”

He said,

“Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Shem.
    Let Canaan be his servant.
May God enlarge Japheth.
    Let him dwell in the tents of Shem.
    Let Canaan be his servant.”

Noah lived three hundred fifty years after the flood.

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