Happy New Year

Happy new year! This is the time of year that many of us make resolutions and think of changes we need to make to improve ourselves. One of those resolutions I hear so often is “I’m going to read my Bible everyday.” If this is a resolution you intend to make this year, then like this blog and subscribe for updates.

This year, I intend to post a passage from the Bible everyday (or as often as possible). I’ll be posting from the World English Bible, which is a public domain English Bible translation based off of the American Standard Version.

The posting, however, will try to read like a novel. The passages will be presented chronologically to help readers remember the biblical events and when and where they occur easier. Traditional chapter and verse divisions, though they have been handy to help us locate passages for several centuries, were not a part of the original manuscripts and can cause choppy reading. These divisions will be removed to help create smoother reading.

Of course, you don’t have to use this translation if you don’t want to. Traditional references will be posted and you can read from the translation of your choice. Regardless of which translation you use, come back to discuss the passages in the comments section and share on social media. Let’s help people get immersed in God’s Word this year.

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